Development Technologies

When choosing a web development company for your projects, it is important to know what technologies and skills the company has to evaluate value for money. Because we deal with a lot of businesses that sell our services to their own clients, it is important that we provide transparency in our technologies so that you are confident that you are dealing with a company that provides quality services and ongoing support.

Unlike any other product or service, it can be difficult to determine the value of a website as the quality of service is hidden in the code and technologies used to build it.

Gold Coast Multimedia strives to stay ahead of the latest web technologies. We are a skilled team with expertise in the following areas:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3 / LessCSS
  • Bootstrap 3
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • PHP




What is GCM Press?

We specialise in a Content Management System (CMS) called GCM Press. This system is our own version of the popular open source (Free for use), WordPress CMS.

Advantages of WordPress

In 2010 we stopped using the mainstream WordPress system due to security vulnerabilities and the constant threat of hacking attacks. We researched possible CMS systems that could replace the flexibility of WordPress whilst having a level of security that was seen in closed source systems (Paid for use). Open source systems had several huge advantages:

  • They were flexible – any company could change the look and feel of the software to reflect the company needs.
  • Technological advancement and support. Open Source Software had much more support worldwide, resulting in a much more affordable product for businesses.
  • When a company no longer required our services, they did not have to start again with a new website, as they would with many closed source systems such as Adobe Catalyst.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Although Open Source solutions had these advantages it also had some major disadvantages for development:

  • Open Source Software often had a varying level of quality assurance with the code, as developers often coded differently and skills levels were varied.
  • Conflicting code caused issues between themes and plugins, there were no solid backup solutions or consistency for security features and many plugins lacked frequent updates and quickly became outdated.
  • Security risks from hackers was constant – when a vulnerability was discovered all sites using the system became compromised. This was worldwide, and brute-force attacks were increasing causing huge risks to any business using this system.
  • Overuse of SEO and SEM plugins. This caused unnecessary load on servers and overall increase in load times.

The Solution

We realised that we needed to take the advantages of Open Source and the benefits of Closed Source and blend them together.

The result was a well-built, reliable and robust system that we called GCM Press. This is a unique system that solves many of the issues with building an online business today. GCM Press is the ultimate system – we provide the perfect balance between Open Source flexibility and a well-supported and secure Close Source system.

5 Years on, our framework includes a barebones theme, plugins whitelist and a central control admin to manage all our client sites, schedule backups and defend against malware.